15-07 WDSF PD European Cup Standard – Wuppertal / Germany

The WDSF PD European Cup Standard was the first highlight at the danceComp in Wuppertal, which was held for the12th time this year. The weather was not so easy for the dancers this year. Temperatures of more than 39 degrees celsius outside the Historical Cityhall of Wuppertal affected also the atmosphere inside. Not only the couples, but also the adjudicators, the officials and the public had to suffer from the high humidity. But … you could not see any disturbance due to the performance of the well prepared couples of Professional Division competing for the European Cup Standard.

At the end the European Cup was won by Benedetto Ferruggia & Claudia Köhler from Germany with the votes of all 45 first places.


1st place: Benedetto Ferruggia – Claudia Köhler / Germany (5 points)



2nd palce: Marco Cavallaro – Letizia Ingrosso / Italy (10 points)



3rd place: Isaia Berardi – Cinzia Birarelli  / Italy (15 points)



4th place: Steeve Gaudet – Marioara Cheptene / France (20 points)



5th place: Luca Rossignoli – Merje Styf / Finland (27 points)



6th place: Laszlo Csaba – Pali Viktoria / Hungary (28 points)


See more photos at the gallery


See the video of the final rounds and the interview with Benedetto & Claudia

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