15-07 WDSF PD World Cup Latin
Bad Prymont / Germany

Joachim Llambi and Motsi Mabuse had the pleasure to moderate the World Cup Latin competition of the WDSF Professional Division at the very nice location of Bad Pyrmont Castle. Nine adjudicators from nine different countries under the leadership of Chairman Martin Pastor had come to Bad Pyrmont to find the winner. At the end six couples qualified for the final rounds …

Congratulations to the winner of the Wold Cup Latin and of course to all finalists for their except performance. And the winner is …


1st place: Vitaly Panteleev – Angelina Nechkhaeva / Russian Federation (7 points)



2nd place: Juri Kagan – Anastasia Selivanova / Estonia (8 points)



3rd place: Saverio Loria – Zeudi Zanetti / Italy (18 points)



4th place: Daniele Sargenti – Uliana Fomenko / Italy (20 points)



5th place: Hou Yao – Zhuang Ting / China (22 points)



6th place: Marius Cristian Iepure – Otlile Mabuse / Germany (30 points)


See more photos at the gallery


See the video of the final rounds

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