16-04 German Championships Senior I Ten Dance – Pinneberg / Germany

Congratulations to all finalists.

And the results are …

1st place:   Frederick Rösler – Janine Rusher / Askania TSC Berlin

2nd place: Gergely Drabs – Stefanie Werner / btc Grün-Gold der Turngemeinde in Berlin

3rd place: Jörg Gutmann – Dr. Isabel Matthes / TC Rot-Weiss Casino Mainz

4th place: Luis-Daniel Assis da Silva – Beate Gneuß / ESC Ems-Casino Blau-Gold Greven

5th place: Martin Lutz – Sabine Mäuse / 1. TSC Frankfurt/Oder

6th place: Dennis Pieske – Tanja Pieske-Hermsdorf / Tanz-Sport-Zentrum Velbert


And here are the videos of the final rounds

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