16-06 WDSF Grand Slam Standard / Hongkong

… and Simone/Annette won the Quickstep with 39.000 points ahead of Dmitry/Olga, who achieved 39.143 points. At the end Simone/Annette won the Grand Slam Standard in Hongkong with 194.929 points ahead of Dmitry/Olga, who achieved runner-up position with 193.586 points. Third place was given to Evaldas Sodeika – Ieva Zukauskaite from Lithuania with 184.942 points. Congratulations to all six finalists. It was a pleasure to watch their excellent dancing.


1st place: Simone Segatori – Annette Sudol / Germany (194.929 points)


2nd place: Dmitry Zharkov – Olga Kulikova / Russian Federation (193.586 points)


3rd place: Ewaldas Sodeika – Ieva Zukauskaite / Lithuania (184.942 points)


4th place: Francesco Galoppo – Debora Pacini / Italy (182.229 points)


5th place: Bjorn Bitsch – Ashli Williamson / Denmark (179.485 points)


6th place: Vaidotas Lacitis – Veronika Golodneva / Lithuania (179.214 points)

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