16-08 WDSF PD World Super Grand Prix Standard – GOC Stuttgart / Germany

Benedetto Ferruggia – Claudia Köhler won the Waltz, the Tango and the Vienna Waltz. In Slowfox and Quickstep they achieved 2nd place. The couple from Germany won the Super Grand Prix Standard with 7 points.


1st place: Benedetto Ferruggia – Claudia Köhler / Germany

Emanuel Valeri – Tania Kehlet won the Slowfox and the Quickstep and were set on 2nd place in Waltz, Tango and Vienna Waltz. At the end they achieved 2nd place with 8 points.


2nd place: Emanuel Valeri – Tania Kehlet / Denmark

Donatas Vezelis – Lina Chatkeviciute were set on 3rd place in all five dances                 (15 points).


3rd place: Donatas Vezelis – Lina Chatkeviciute / Lithuania


4th place: Andrzej Sadecki – Karina Nawrot / Poland


5th place: Shen Hong – Liang Yujie / China


6th place: Laszlo Csaba – Pali Viktoria / Hungary

See the video of the semi-final and the final rounds



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