17-02 WDSF European Championship 10Dance – Copenhagen / Denmark

The team of the adjudicators had a hard work to do. 

After 3 rounds six couples had been qualified for the finals. And the results are …

1st place: Dumitru Doga – Sarah Ertmer / Germany (310.674 points)



2nd place: Nikolaj Lund – Marta Kocik / Denmark (308.257 points)


3rd place: Kirill Medianov – Elisabeth Semjonova / Estonia (300.900 points)


4th place David Odstrcil – Tara Bohag / Czech Republic (300.843 points)


5th place: Daniil Ulanov – Kateryna Isakovych / Cyprus (300.584 points)


6th place: Marts Punins – Dana Jakobsone / Latvia (297.400 points)



See the videos of the semi-final and the final rounds …







See more photos at the gallery …


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