17-11 WDSF World Championship Latin – AOC Austrian Open Championships | Vienna

It is not only the couples, who make the results. It is also the panel of adjudicators, who have influence on the results of a competition. Here is the panel of adjudicators responsible for the 2017 WDSF World Championship Latin …

… and these are the results of the final rounds:

Congratulations to all finalists

1st place: Gabriele Goffredo – Anna Matus | Moldova                                        (196.791 points)

2nd place: Armen Tsaturyan – Svetlana Gudyno | Russian Federation   (191.250 points)

3rd place: Marius-Andrei Balan – Khrystyna Moshenska |  Germany  (188.207 points)

4th place: Timur Imametdinov – Nina Bezzubova | Germany                            (187.333 points)

Charles-Guillaume Schmitt – Elena Salikhova | France                                       (183.914 points)

Andrey Gusev – Vera Bondareva |  Russian Federation                                        (181.327 points)

After den dance of honour of Gabriele Goffredo – Anna Matus, a very special emotional event happened: Gabriele made Anna a proposal for marriage. See some photos of the situation …


See the trailer of the 2017 World Latin …

See more photos at the gallery



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