18-08 WDSF PD Super Grand Prix Standard | German Open Championships – Stuttgart / Germany

3rd day of German Open Championships was the time for WDSF PD Super Grand Prix Standard. 57 couples from 16 nations had come to “Liederhalle” in Stuttgart. Winners of the PD Super Grand Prix Standard are Donatas Vezelis – Lina Chatkeviciute from Lithuania. Bjorn Bitsch – Ashli Williamson from Denmark achieved runners-up position ahead of Andrzej Sadecki – Karina Nawrot from Poland, who were set on 3rd place. 4th place was given to Andrey Motyl – Ekaterina Kim from Russian Federation. Cheng Dan – Li Zhenni from PeopleĀ“s Republic of China achieved 5th place ahead of Valentin Lusin – Renata Lusin from Germany.