18-10 WDSF Open SEN IV Standard | Holland Masters Rembrandt Cup 2018 | Almere / Netherlands

Congratulations to all finalists …

1st place: Luciano Ceruti – Rosa Nuccia Cappello / Italy

2nd place: Alessandro Barbone – Patrizia Flamini / Italy

3rd place: Armando Pelosi – Donata Annaratone / Italy

4th place: Thomas Kreuels – Annette Kreuels / Germany

5th place: Franz Steinbichler – Maria Steinbichler / Austria

6th place: Paul Vandenrul – Nini Kuypers / Belgium

See the videos of the final rounds

See the videos of the semi-final and quarter-final rounds …

See the videos of Round 1 and ReDance 


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