19-11 WDSF PD World Championship ShowDance STD I Dresden, Germany

Congratulations to all finalists …

1st place: Bjorn Bitsch – Ashli Williamson / Denmark


2nd place: Valentin Lusin – Renata Lusin / Germany


3rd place: Sean Smullen – Aimie Leak / Ireland

4th place: Bogdan Ianosi – Stefanie Pavelic / Germany

5th place: Pavel Nepomniashchikh – Anna Kharitonova / Russian Federation 

6th place: Michal Drha – Klara Drhova / Czech Republic

See the shows of the couples in round 1 …

The following videos of round 1 were taken by a dancer from Dresden. He did a very good job. Thank you very much.

7th place: Christian Gallo – Laura Giova / Italy

8th place: Alexandr Tsyganov – Ekaterina Vikhareva / Russian Federation

9th place: Giuseppe Miniti – Domenica Miniti / Italy

10th place: Matthias Schoof – Anja Eilers-Schoof / Germany

11th place: Jörg Helmer – Angela Unternbäumen / Germany


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