19-12 WDSF World Championship ShowDance Latin I Moscow, RUS

The group of adjudicators beeing introduced to the couples and visitors …

Thanks to the FDSARR for the permission to show the videos of the shows !

The Opening Ceremony for Standard and Latin …

Congratulations to all Finalists …

1st place: Fedor Poliansky – Dina Akhmetgareeva / Russian Federation

“The Joker Returns”

2nd place: Anton Aldaev – Natalia Polukhina / Russian Federation



3rd place: Artur Balandin – Anna Salita / Germany


4th place: Maurizio Serra – Ilaria Fadda / Italy

“The Privilege To Grow Old”

5th place: Igor Golovach – Michelle Angela Blank / United States


6th place: Aka Modebadze – Gvantsa Tsikhelashvili / Georgia

“Cleopatra Will Power”

7th place: Dmitry Marchenko – Anastasia Rybalko / Azerbaijan

Anna Karenina”

8th place: Robin Matejka – Nicol Cupalova / Czech Republic


9th place: Davide Corrodi – Maja Kucharczyk / Switzerland

“Lion King”



Round 1

10th place: Damiano Di Fazio – Noemi Santoro / Italy

“The Hunt for Freedom”

11th place: Jamie Groenveld – Lesley Groeneveld / Netherlands


12th place: Ilya Pshonka – Uladzislava Starykava  / Belarus

“Bride of the Undead King”

13th place: Tamas Mizser – Zsuzsanna Eulop / Hungary

“If I Could Turn Back Time … “

14th place: Jiri Hajek – Karolina Koutna / Czech Republic


15th place: Tauke Turebekov – Sofia Imbondo / Slovakia

“Wild Wild East”

16th place: Arpath Toth – Claudia Lengyel / Hungary

“Two Worlds”

17th place: Remy Kabel – Ilona Schooneveld / Netherlands

“My Story”


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