12-04 WDSF World Championship Under 21 Latin – Aarhus / Denmark

We saw the world premiere of a new category in WDSF competitions: the project is called U21. WDSF initiated a new category between youth and adult: "Under 21". In Aarhus on February 22nd 2012, the premiere of this project started: 91 couples, most of them coming from Europe, but also from North America and Asia, joined the first open World Championship Unter 21 Latin. The audience saw excellent performance in all latin dances. We can resume, the next generation of latin dancers is becoming mature Read more [...]

12-04 WDSF European Championship Ten Dance 2012 – Aarhus / Denmark

The Aarhus International Dance Galla 2012 set the stage for this year`s European Championship 10 Dance. 34 couples from all over Europe came to Aarhus to find the champion of the ten dance contest. Three finalists of the World Championship 10 Dance in Shanghai in November 2011 belonged to the entries. Bjoern Bitsch - Ashli Williamson win the title ... ... with a total of 18 points - 5 points in standard section (1,1,1,1,1) and 13 points in latin section (3,2,2,2,4) - Bjoern and Ashli from Denmark Read more [...]