12-10 WDSF Grand Slam Standard
Moscow / Russia

Russian Dance Sport Union was host of the 4th Grand Slam Standard competition of the year on the occasion of Dance Accord 2012 in Moscow on October 26th and 27th. At least 290 couples arrived at Aquarium Universal Sports Arena. Starting on Friday afternoon with the first rounds it took the whole Saturday to find out the six finalists of the competition. The results are ... 1st place:   Benedetto Ferruggia & Claudia Köhler / Germany (241,57 points) 2nd place: Simone Segatori Read more [...]

12-10 WDSF World Championship Youth Ten Dance – Moscow / Russia

The Russian Open Dancesport Championships "Dance Accord 2012" set the stage for this year´s WDSF World Championship Youth Ten Dance on October 27th at "Aquarium Universal Sports Center" in Moscow. The day of the championship began with snow and ice on the streets, but the couples were glad to be hosted at Aquarium Hotel, which is situated within the complex of the Aquarium Sports Arena. Anastasia Titkova, RDSU First Vice-President and Sportsdirector, was glad to see 31 couples from all over the Read more [...]