13-12 WDSF World Championship Formation Latin – Bremen / Germany

Grün-Gold Club Bremen the stage for this year`s WDSF World Championship Formation Latin again and the A-Team of Grün-Gold Club won the title once more. Congratulations! The European Champions - Klaipéda University Team Zuvédra I from Lithuania - were set on 4th place this time. The Vera Tyumen Latin Team form Russian Federation achieved runners-up position, while the second German formation team - FG TSZ Aachen / TD TSC Düsseldorf Rot-Weiss attained third place. Read more details, see the pictures and videos ... Read more [...]

13-12 WDSF World Championship Latin
Berlin / Germany

November is the time for the World Championships. Every weekend a new competition. First we saw the 10Dance in Vienna, followed by the standard section in Kiev. On November 30th 87 couples from 49 nations gathered in Berlin / Germany to find the World Champions Latin 2013. Aniello Langella - Khrystyna Moshenska from Italy won the title for the second time. Gabriele Goffredo - Anna Matus from Moldova attained runners-up position ahead of Marius-Andrei Balan - Nina Bezzubova from Germany. See the videos of the final rounds and the photos at the gallery. Read more [...]