18-12 WDSF PD World Championship Standard | Moscow – Russian Federation

Moscow Ball 2018 set the stage for the 2018 WDSF Professional Division World Championship Standard being held in World Trade Center in Moscow on December 2nd. 32 couples of Professional Division from 16 nations had come to Moscow to compete for the title. As Benedetto Ferruggia - Claudia Köhler had retired in July, new World Champions Standard for the Professional Division had to be found. There were more than one candidates among the participants. So we saw high class and very emotional semi-final and final rounds in Moscow. At the end Bjorn Bitsch - Ashli Williamson from Denmark won the title ahead of the PD European Champions Standard, Donatas Vezelis - Lina Chatkeviciute from Lithuania, who achieved runners-up position. Third place was given to Nikolay Darin - Ekaterina Kim from Russian Federation. Read more [...]