19-02 WDSF World Championship Senior IV Standard | Antwerp / Belgium

The Antwerp Diamond Dance Sport Cup on February 8th set the stage for the 2019 WDSF World Championship Senior IV Standard. 172 couples from all over the world had come to Antwerp to find the new World Champions only 7 months after the 2018 World Championships Senior IV given in Nagano / Japan. 7 couples qualified for the final. Luciano Ceruti - Rosa Nuccia Capello from Italy won the title for the 4th time. In the interview after the competition they retired from competition dancing. Runners-up position was given to Renato Sibylle - Anna Martini from Italy. Vittorio Guida - Fortuna Canta from Italy achieved 3rd place ahead of Silvio Bettinelli - Cinzia Del Santo from Italy, who were set on 4th place. Duilio Castelli - Paola Patrizia from Italy achieved 5th place. 6th place was given to David Getchell - Allison Gonzalez from USA. Manfred Kerschner - Monika Kugler from Austria achieved 7th place. Congratulations to all finalists! Read more [...]