21-12 WDSF PD World Championship Standard | Dubai, UAE

Congratulations to all Finalists …

1st place: Dmitry Zharkov – Olga Kulikova / FDSARR

2nd Place: Nikolay Darin – Natalia Seredina / MDA

3rd place: Vaidotas Lacitis – Veronika Golodneva / LTU

4th place: Andrey Motyl – Ekaterina Kim / FDSARR

5th place: Matteo Cicchitti – Simona Brecikova, SVK

6th place: Pasquale Farina – Sofie Koborg / DEN

Watch the video of the semi-final rounds …

Watch the video of the final rounds …

Here come the interviews with the top 3 couples …

See more photos at the gallery

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