19-11 WDSF World Championship Standard I Vilnius, Lithuania

The Lithuanian DanceSport Federation, founded in 1989, took the chance to celebrate the 30th anniversary by organizing the 2019 WDSF World Championships Standard in Vilnius / Lithuania. 77 couples from 44 nation were nominated to take part. After the change of last year`s World Champions Dmitry Zharkov - Olga Kulikova from Russian Federation to the WDSF Professional Division, new World Champions Standard for the Amateur Class had to be found. Congratulations to Evaldas Sodeika - Ieva Zukauskaite from Lithuania for winning the title in Vilnius last Saturday, Nov. 30th. Francesco Galuppo - Debora Pacini from Italy archived the runners-up position. Third place was given to Evgeny Moshenin - Dana Spitsyna from Russian Federation. Read more [...]

17-08 WDSF SEN IV – German Open Championships / Stuttgart

2017 German Open Championships set the stage for WDSF Open Senior IV competition on August 9th. 97 couples from all over the world had come to compete in Stuttgart. After 5 rounds seven finalists were identified. Six of them come from Italy, one from Japan. At the end Luciano Cerati - Rosa Nuccia Capello from Italy won the competition ahead of runners-up Nicholas Nero - Anna Maria Arzenton from Italy. Vittorio Guida - Fortuna Canta from Italy won 3rd place. Read more [...]