11-12 DTV Final Leistungsstarke 66
Garbsen / Germany

The final competition of German ranking list for senior IV couples “Leistungsstarke 66” took place in Garbsen near Hannover on December 10th 2011. Twenty-eight couples had come to find the best couple of this class in 2011. For the final evaluation the results of the five qualifying competitions during the year are included.


The results of the competition (and the final evaluation) …

1. Frank Steier / Magrit Steier –  Alster Möve Club Hamburg (1st)
2. Karl-Heinz Haugut / Gabriele Haugut – TSC-Rot-Gold-Casino Nürnberg (2nd)
3. Armin Walendzik / Ute Walendzik – TSC Brühl im BTV 1879 (3rd)
4. Alfred Schulz / Dagmar Schulz – ATC Oranien Diez-Limburg-Bad Camberg (4th)
5. Helmut Lembke / Eleonore Roland – Tanzklub Weiß-Blau Celle (6th)
6. Uwe Heyn / Angela Heyn – Tanzclub Concordia Lübeck (5th)


 See the video of the final round …





 See more pictures of the competition …


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