12-05 DTV German Championship 10Dance
Bielefeld / Germany

Anton Skuratov – Alena Uehlin from TTC Munich was the couple with the best chances to win the competition. The 10 Dance champions of last year achieved 2nd place at the European 10 Dance Championships in Aarhus / Denmark a fortnight ago. Alena and Anton competently won all dances in the final rounds (10 points).









Valentin Lusin – Renata Busheeva from TD TSC Düsseldorf Rot-Weiß attained 2nd place – same as last year (20 points).









Dumitru Doga – Sarah Ertmer, also coming from TD TSC Düsseldorf Rot-Weiß, were set on 3rd place with 32 points.

Paul Lorenz – Ekaterina Leonova gained 4th place with 38 points.

Daniel Buschmann – Katarina Bauer from TSC Dortmund achieved 5th place (51 points) ahead of Anatoliy Novoselov – Tasja Schulz from Schwarz-Weiß Pforzheim, who attained 6 th place with 59 points.


See the video from the competition …






See more photos of the competition …



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