14-06 DTV Golden 55
Hohegeiß / Germany 2014

After 3 rounds of dancing in the very hot kursaal, the master of ceremony, Klaus Gundlach,    announced the six finalists.


Here are the results:

1st place: Oliver Luthardt – Anne Hinz / TC Concordia Lübeck 


2nd place: Rainer and Astrid Quenzel / Hildesheimer TSC


3rd place: Roland Lein – Dr. Karin Anton / TC Rot-Gold Würzburg


4th place: Michael and Grazyna Wierzbicki / TSV Glinde


5th place: Götz Bierbaum – Maren Müller-Bierbaum / TSC Savoy München


6th place: Jörg and Karin Stoffels / Bielefelder TC Metropol



See the video of the final rounds



See more pictures at the gallery

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