14-06 DTV High-Performer 66
Hohegeiß / Germany 2014

The panel of seven adjudicators was dominated by six female judges and one male judge. Would this panel have another view on the couples than the “boys”? Well, here are the results:



1st place: Frank and Margrit Steier / Alster Möwe Club der SPV Hamburg


2nd place: Karl-Heinz and Gabriele Haugut / TSC Rot-Gold-Casino Nürnberg


3rd place: Dr. Marcel Erné – Birgit Suhr-Erné / Tanz Sport Club in Hannover


4th place: Wilfried and Marion Find / Schwarz-Rot-Club Wetzlar


5th place: Herbert and Christiane Wojtera / TTC Rot-Gold Köln


6th place: Udo and Gisela Ziegenhagen / TC Rot-Gold Casino Neumünster



See the video of the final rounds …


See more pictures at the gallery



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