13-08 German Open Championships – Showtime (Amateurs & Professionals)

German Open Championships presented a lot of shows during the evening sessions. 10 years GOC in Stuttgart was the occasion for a special show at the first evening followed by a freestyle latin show presented by top professional couples. On Thursday the professional freestyle standard shows were on. And on Friday the top amateur couples presented their freestyle shows. Have a look …

10 Years GOC in Stuttgart



WDSF PD Professional Freestyle Latin Show


Pavel Alexeevskiy – Ekaterina Zhupleva


Vladimir Karpow – Mariya Tzaptashvilli / Russia


Martino Zanibellato – Michelle Abildstrup / Denmark


Zoran Plohl – Tatsiana Lahvinovich / Slovenia


WDSF PD Professional Freestyle Standard Show

Donatas Vezelis – Lina Chatkeviciute / Lithuania


Paolo Bosco – Joanne Kristy Clifton / Italy


Benedetto Ferruggia РClaudia Köhler / Germany


Mirko Gozzoli – Edita Daniute / Lithuania


WDSF Freestyle Standard Show

Alexey Glukhov – Anastasia Glanzunova / Russia


Bjoern Bitsch – Ashli Williamson / Denmark


Dmitry Zharkov – Olga Kulikova / Russia


Sergei Konovaltsev – Olga Konovaltseva / Russia


Emanuel Valeri – Tania Kehlet / Denmark






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