12-02 WDSF Grand Slam Latin
12th Antwerp Stars Cup / Belgium

On February 4th the new series of grand slam latin competitions 2012 started in Antwerp / Belgium. 75 couples had come from 18 European countries to join the tournament. Hubert De Maeschschalck guided the competition as master of ceremony under the chairmanship  of Marco Sietas, Sportsdirector of WDSF.   Many experienced adjudicators are needed to run international championships. They usually judge from dawn to dusk on several days. Couples should be aware that they also "perform" Read more [...]

12-02 WDSF World Championship Senior I STD – 12th Antwerp Stars Cup / Belgium

12 th Antwerp Stars Cup from 3rd - 5th February 2012 set the stage for the WDSF World Championship Senior I Standard on 5th February. Organizer and master of ceremony Hubert de Maesschalck from Stars DanceSportClub was happy to salute couples, adjudicators and guests with finest weather and degrees around -20 ° C (- 4°  F) and a wonderful white layer of snow. Certainly, there were some problems to get to the Sporthal Extra Time in time on Friday evening, because there was nearly no more Read more [...]

12-02 WDSF World Open Standard
12th Antwerp Stars Club / Belgium

They are back again! Claudia and Benedetto started their first competition in Antwerp on February 4th 2012 after the World Championship Standard in November last year in Moscow, where they were set on 2nd place behind Emanuel Valeri and Tania Kehlet from Denmark.They are back again! Claudia and Benedetto started their first competition in Antwerp on February 4th 2012 after the World Championship Standard in November last year in Moscow, where they were set on 2nd place behind Emanuel Valeri and Tania Kehlet from Denmark. Read more [...]

11-12 DTV Final Leistungsstarke 66
Garbsen / Germany

The final competition of German ranking list for senior IV couples "Leistungsstarke 66" took place in Garbsen near Hannover on December 10th 2011. Twenty-eight couples had come to find the best couple of this class in 2011. For the final evaluation the results of the five qualifying competitions during the year are included. Ute Spingler, paintress and designer, immortalized the couples with some fast strokes of the brush. Read more [...]

11-12 WDSF Final Grand Slam 2011
Standard and Latin – Salou / Spain

XIII Spanish Open set the stage for this year`s WDSF Final Grand Slam competitions in standard and latin sections on December 3rd and 4th 2011 in Salou / Spain. Six competitions belong to an annual run. In standard section the couples had to start in Seoul / Korea. Next station was Chengdu in China followed by Stuttgart / Germany and Aarhus / Denmark. Last chance for winning a ticket to the Final Grand Slam in Salou was in St. Petersburg / Russia. In latin section the couples started in Copenhagen / Denmark. Next competition was held in Chengdu followed by Stuttgart and Aarhus. Last chance for the latin couples to win a ticket to the Final Grand Slam was in Ostrava / Czech Republic. Read more [...]

11-12 WDSF World Championship Formation Standard – Brunswick / Germany

The WDSF World Formation Championships Standard create their own rules. Last five years the winner of the World Formation Championship Standard was host of the event. In 2006 Vera Tyumen from Russia won in Moscow. In 2007 1.TC Ludwigsburg from Germany won in Stuttgart. In 2008 the DSC CoDreanca Team from Moldova won in Chisinau. The winner of the 2009 competition was 1. TC Ludwigsburg again. The event took place in Ludwigsburg. In 2010 the formation teams competed in Elblag/Poland. The lucky winner was ST Lotos Jantar Elblag. Read more [...]

11-11 WDSF World Championship Ten Dance – Shanghai / China

Bjoern Bitsch & Ashli Williamson, Denmark
“The World Ten Dance Championship is the most difficult event for our athletes”. With these words WDSF President Carlos Freitag opened the championship on November 12th this year in Shanghai. 34 couples had come to compete for the title. Last year in Vienna, Bjørn Bitsch & Ashli Williams from Denmark could win the title ahead of Timur Imametdinov & Ekaterina Nikolaeva from Russia. At the European Championship Ten Dance in Moscow in April we had experienced a rum start. Timur and Ekaterina Read more [...]

11-11 DTV German Championship Standard – Nürnberg / Germany

German Dancesport Federation (DTV) had invited to “Meistersinger Halle” in Nuremberg to find the German champion in standard section at November 5th 2011. Only seven days ago we saw the world championship standard in Moscow. This had not been a lucky day for Benedetto & Claudia. We saw hard fight between the German couple, who had been world champions standard twice, and challenger Emanuel Valeri & Tania Kehlet from Denmark. At least, Emanuel & Tania won the title. Read more [...]

11-10 WDSF World Championship Standard
Moscow / Russia

It happened around 11 p. m. at International Expo & Conventional Center “Crocus-Expo” in Moscow on November 29th: the finals rounds of the World Championship Standard 2011 were completed. The finalists had come back to the floor waiting for the results. The speaker called on the couples who had won 6th place, … 5th place … 4th place … 3rd place … Same procedure (ranking) as last year in Wetzlar. Then he called on the couple with the number 27 for 2nd place! Read more [...]