THE CAMP 2015 – Wuppertal / Germany

On Wednesday morning at 9.30 on May 6th Asis Khadejeh-Nouri and Henner Thurau as the organizers opened the 8th “convent” of again more than 200 couples from more than 30 nations at the Historical City Hall of Wuppertal. Trainers and couples love the special atmosphere of the Historical City Hall as ideal place to develop their dancing. Besides the inspiring atmosphere of the place it is the special knowledge and competence of the more than 30 trainers, who belong to the most famous in the world, that creates the uniqueness of THE CAMP.

See the three days at a glance documented by the following videos …

Day 1 (Wednesday – May 6th)

Day 2 (Thursday – May 7th)

Day 3 (Friday – May 8th)


14 lectures in standard and latin were held …


Fabio Selmi


Horst Beer 


Colin James


Alexandr Melnikov


Manfred & Anastasia Stiglitz


Dirk Heidemann


Svetlana Tverianovich


Michele Bonsignori / Monica Baldasseroni


Geir Bakke


Catia Vanone


Domenico Soale


Ilya Danilov


Karina Rubio


Edita Daniute / Mirko Gozzoli




Some of the group lessons being held are shown below …


Alexandr Melnikov


Manfred & Anastasia Stiglitz


Dirk  Heidemann


Michele Bonsignori


Edita Daniute


Monica Baldasseroni


Horst Beer


Mirko Gozzoli


Senior Group Lessons (Asis / Mirko / Fabio)







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