12-02 WDSF Grand Slam Latin
12th Antwerp Stars Cup / Belgium

Andrey Zaytsev / Anna Kuzminskaya, Russian Federation

On February 4th the new series of grand slam latin competitions 2012 started in Antwerp / Belgium. 75 couples had come from 18 European countries to join the tournament. Hubert De Maeschschalck guided the competition as master of ceremony under the chairmanship  of Marco Sietas, Sportsdirector of WDSF.


Many experienced adjudicators are needed to run international championships. They usually judge from dawn to dusk on several days. Couples should be aware that they also “perform” excellently till the end of the competition.






Results of the final …

1. Andrey Zaytsev / Anna Kuzminskaya, Russian Federation
2. Gabriele Goffredo / Anna Matus, Moldavia
3. Timur Imametdinov / Ekaterina Nikolaeva, Russian Federation
4. Andrey Gusev / Elizaveta Cherevichnaya, Russian Federation
5. Vladimir Karpov / Maria Tzaptashvilli, Russian Federation
6. Andrey Keselev / Anastasia Selivanova, Russian Federation









There are a few more couples on the videos,
which are published by WDSF on DanceSport Total …


If you want more, switch to DanceSport Total
for the final reel parts II and III.




See more pictures from the competition …


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