13-06 WDSF PD European Cup Latin
Bad Pyrmont / Germany

Martino & Michelle from Denmark Win The Title …

First Open Air Competition in Germany!

The courtyard of the castle of Bad Pyrmont set the stage for the first open air competition being held in Germany on June 29th 2013. Motive for this event was the WDSF Professional Division European Cup Latin. 18 professional latin couples from 13 countries joined the European Cup Latin, which was moderated by Joachim Llambi from Germany and Stuart Saunders from Scotland. Seven female adjudicators from seven European countries were assigned to find this year`s winner of European Cup Latin under the chairmanship of Andreas Neuhaus from Germany.

Just in time the clouds with rain had moved and the sun came out in the early summer evening. It could have become a wonderful night – but the temperature was not very warm. The audience had brought their coats and warm jackets. They had the better part, because they had several chances to warm up by dancing to the music of Michael Holz Orchestra.

Especially the ladies of the latin couples had a problem with the low temperatures – around midnight only 10 ° celsius – and their very nice latin skirts. Waiting for their start in the next round they coated themselves into woolen blankets. But nevertheless, when they came to the floor, there was no more cold to feel. The performance of the couples was excellent.

Six couples qualified for the final rounds …

Martino Zanibellato – Michelle Abildtrup from Denmark won the title.


2nd place was given to Artur Akautdinov – Elena Paskova from Russian Federation.


Sergey & Viktoria Tatarenko from Germany achieved 3rd place this evening. One hour before the start of the competition, Sergey was not sure if he would be able to join the competition because of high fever. But he succeeded to push it down with medicine and came to the floor. Get well soon, Sergey!


Saverio Loria – Zeudi Zanetti from Italy attained 4th place ahead of his fellow countryman Daniele Sargenti – Uliana Formenko who achieved 5th place.



Last but not least we congratulate Marco Zingarelli – Ilaria Campana from Luxembourg,

who were set on 6th place this evening.


The audience of the WDSF Professional Division European Cup Latin was not only pleased to try the floor for dancing, but there were two more shows being prepared by the organizers.


First, Joachim Llambi presented the show “Tanz der Generationen” (Dancing for ever). Three couples had been invited to show that competition dancing can start very early – we saw a juvenile couple (10 years young) and a youth couple (15 years) – and that there is no real limit of age to continue competition ballroom dancing. To assure this a senior couple joined the group to present their dancing. Rüdiger Knaak from BTSC Braunschweig commentated the performance of the three couples.

See the video of the show “Dancing for ever” …


Rüdiger Knaak, who is the trainer of BTSC Braunschweig Ballroom Formation A-Team, escorted this team this evening. The audience had the pleasure to watch the performance of the Formation A-Team, who again are the actual world champions in formation dancing. Due to the very very small dancing floor, only six couples (out of eight) could join the show this evening. Nevertheless the show “Immortality” was outstanding and the audience was thrilled by the dancers from Braunschweig. At the end of September, the team will have to defend the title of world champion in Tyumen (Russian Federation). “Therefore, the training will be increased during the next three months”, Rüdiger Knaak explained.


See the video of the show “Immortality”


Highlight of the evening naturally were the final rounds of the WDSF PD European Cup Latin. See the video the the final now …


See more pictures from the event at the gallery












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