13-07 WDSF PD European Cup Standard
Wuppertal / Germany

Benedetto Ferruggia РClaudia Köhler from Germany win the European Cup Standard of the WDSF Professional Division. Congratulations!
Joachim Llambi, Master of Ceremony, welcomed 24 WDSF Professional Division couples from 12 European countries joining the WDSF European Cup Standard, which was the highlight of the opening day of this year`s DanceComp in Wuppertal / Germany.

Benedetto Ferruggia - Clau

Benedetto and Claudia showed outstanding ballroom dancing and convinced the nine adjudicators. They won the European Cup with 45 first places!

Runner-up are Donatas Vezelis – Lina Chatkeviciute from Lithuania. We are very sorry not to have a nice picture of the couple. But look at the video of the final rounds to watch their performance.

Isaia Berardi - Cinzia Birarelli / ItalyPavel Eydinov - Tatiana Livatova / Russian Federation








3rd place was given to Isaia Berardi – Cinzia Birarelli from Italy ahead of Pavel Eydinov – Tatiana Livatova from Russian Federation, who achieved 4th place.

Francesko Paris - Natalia Driker / Israel

Fabio Bellucci - Ivana Suchankova / Slovakia








Francesco Paris – Natalia Driker from Israel attained 5th place. Fabio Bellucci – Ivana Suchankova from Slovakia were set on 6th place.


See the video of the final rounds

See more pictures at the gallery …






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