13-08 WDSF Senior II Open Standard – GOC Stuttgart / Germany

German Open Championships set the stage for many high level competitions again. Same procedure as every year? Yes and no. This year, 232 couples had come to compete in this class. So it took two days to find the six finalists. Winners were Heinz-Josef & Aurelia Bickers from Germany ahed of Michael & Beate Lindner (Germany), who were set on runners-up position. Armando Nespoli – Natalia Gualandris from Italy achieved 3rd place.

The results of the two German couples, Bickers and Lindner, are very interesting to analyze. National competitions all are won by Michael & Beate Lindner. In June 2013 again Michael & Beate became German Champions Senior II Standard. Heinz-Josef & Aurelia Bickers again were set in runners up position. Same procedure as … every year (since 2010).

International competitions are different. Heinz-Josef & Aurelia Bickers became World Champions Senior II Standard 2011 first time, they won the title in 2012 and 2013 again. Michael & Beate Lindner had been World Champions Senior II Standard before from 2008 – 2010.

This “rule” also worked in the WDSF Senior II Open Standard in Stuttgart. In the opinion of the 11 WDSF adjudicators, Heinz-Josef & Aurelia Bickers won all dances ahead of Michael & Beate Lindner. So were are very excited to see the next results from a national competition. Of course, both couples are excellent dancers. Congratulations to both and luck for the next “fights”.

Heinz-Josef & Aurelia Bickers

1st place: Heinz-Josef & Aurelia Bickers / Germany


Michael & Beate Lindner

 2nd place: Michael & Beate Lindner / Germany

 Reimann, Raymund - Reimann, Antje

 9th place: Raymund & Antje Reimann / Germany



1.   Bickers, Heinz-Josef – Bickers, Aurelia Germany
2.   Lindner, Michael – Lindner, Beate Germany
3.   Nespoli, Armando – Gualandris, Natalia ITALY
4.   Righero, Carlo Wilmer – Traversi, Manuela ITALY
5.   Ketturkat, Bernd – Ketturkat, Sandra Germany
6.   Carnelli, Moreno – Saggiorato, Michela ITALY


See the video of the final rounds

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