14-12 WDSF World Championship Formation Latin Bremen / Germany

It really was a great event a ÖVB-Arena in Bremen. The large city hall even in the afternoon was nearly completely filled with an enthusiastic audience.

The event started with a very nice dance of the youngest dancers of Grün-Gold-Club.


Franz Allert and Andreas Neuhaus as masters of ceremony led through the competition under the chairmanship of Manfred Ganster. Around five thousand visitors had come to the ÖVB-Arena to see the best formations teams of the world competing for the title.

Six team qualified for the final rounds. Here are the results of the final rounds …

1st place: Grün-Gold-Club Bremen Team A / Germany (39.07 points)



See the Presentation of “West Side Story


See more photos at the gallery



2nd place: Duet Perm / Russian Federation (37.20 points)




See the Presentation of “High School


See more photos at the gallery



3rd place: Vera Tyumen / Russian Federation (36.30 points)



See the Presentation of “You


See more photos at the gallery …



4th place: FG TSZ Aachen / TD TSC Düsseldorf Rot-Weiss / Germany (35.86 points)



See the Presentation of “Showstars – Rise & Shine


See more photos at the gallery …




5th place: HSV Zwölfaxing Team A / Austria (31.76 points)



See the Presentation of “It`s a Beautiful Day


See more photos at the gallery …




6th place: Double V Team A / Netherlands (30,36 points)



See the Presentation of “Legends


See more photos at the gallery …



The semi-finalists are …



7th place: TSC Schwarz Gold Wien Team A / Austria 



See the Presentation of “Fortis Nova


See more photos at the gallery …




8th place: Star / Mongolia 



See the Presentation of “Star Flight


See more photos at the gallery …



9th place: Moon Dance / Mongolia



See the Presentation of “Tarzan


See more photos at the gallery …




10th place: Gála Társastáncklub Egyesület Team A / Hungary



See the Presentation of “Tribute to Diana Ross


See more photos at the gallery …




11th place: DSV Dance Explosion / Netherlands



See the Presentation of “Eternity


See more photos at the gallery …



12th place: Formation LA “CMG” Radom / Poland



See the Presentation of “Girls Got Rhythm


See more photos at the gallery …


Here are videos of the other participating formation teams …


See the Presentation of VRACAR Formation Team / Serbia: “I Am Yours


See the Presentation of XS Latin Cambridge / England: “The Girl from Tiger Bay


See the Presentation of GRACJA KROSNO / Poland: “Conga


See the Presentation of Gala Társastáncklub Egyesület Team B / Hungary:            “Dear Darlin´








































































































































See the Presentation of TS Smyk Zdár / Czech Republic: “Skyfall

See the Presentation of Beodance Formation Team / Serbia: “Antal Gece

Here are pictures of the other participating formation teams …

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