13-09 World DanceSport Games
Kaohsiung / Chinese Taipei
Day 1: Opening Ceremony – ShowDance LAT – Formation STD

World Dance Sport Events tries to keep records of this extraordinary event. We shall show nearly 2.000 pictures and many hours of motion pictures documenting the most exciting moments of the games.

Let us begin with day 1: subject were competitions in formation standard and in show dance latin and of course the opening ceremony saluting the athletes and presenting amazing shows from the country of Taiwan and of course of the athletes.

Do your dance in Kaohsiung” was the motto the a special dance being promoted in the media for months to announce the first WDSF World DanceSport Games ever held.

During the opening ceremony the floor was completely filled with dancers, officials and guests to do their dance in Kaohsiung. See the videos of the opening ceremony to feel the fantastic atmosphere in the hall.

Kaohsiung Arena


See the videos of the opening ceremony …


The first competition of the event was the ShowDance Latin.

See some videos of the finalists …

Gold: Vladimir Kaprov – Mariya Tzaptashvilli / Russian Federation


Silver: Charles Guillaume-Schmitt – Elena Salikhova / France


Bronze: Pavel Pasechnik – Marta Arndt / Germany


4th place: Saverio Loria – Zeudi Zanetti / Italy


5th place: Vadim Garbuzov – Kathrin Menzinger / Austria


See the photos of all ShowDance Latin couples …



Second competition was Formation Standard.  See the videos of the finalists


Gold: Braunschweiger TSC / Germany


Silver: Vera Tyumen / Russian Federation


Bronze: Lotus-Jantar / Poland


See the pictures of all formation teams at the gallery ….

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