20-09 WDSF European Championships 10Dance I Aarhus, Denmark

Aarhus / Denmark set the stage for the first WDSF European Championship on 2020 September 19th after the stop due to Corona pandemic during the year. Bjorn Bitch - Ashli Williamson as organizers had fighted for a new start of WDSF Championships in Aarhus. After all 22 couples could start at the 2020 European Champions 10Dance. The videos show the atmosphere ... audience and couples liked the new start. Winners of the ECH 10Dance are Semen Khrzhanovskiy & Elizaveta Lykhina from Russian Federation ahead of runners-up Earle Williamson & Veronika Myshko from Ukraine. Errol Williamson & Ami Williamson from Denmark achieved 3rd place. Read more [...]