16-07 WDSF World Championship Senior III Standard – Rimini / Italy

Expedition Center of Rimini set the stage for a series of high leveled dance sport competitions this year again organized by FIDS – Federation Italiana Danza Sportiva. One of the highlights was the World Championship Senior III Standard competition with 345 ! participating couples from 26 nations.

So far it was the largest world championship ever operated in WDSF world. This was a great challenge not only for the organizer FIDS, but of also for the adjudicators, couples and officials. Registering had to be done before 7.00 a.m. First heat started in time at 8.00 a.m. The prize presentation ended just some minutes before midnight. A very strong performance of all participants and officials. 8 rounds to judge, 6 rounds to dance even for the two star couples …

Naturally the most couples came from Italy – 267 Italien competitors from a total of 345 participants. This is 77 %. Another 13 couples were excused (9 from Italy) and we had a very large number of 49 now-show couples (47 couples from Italy).

There is no regret having such a great interest for participating. Possibly next years championship will be planned for two days. We will see.

Congratulations to all finalists …


And the winner is …


1st place: Michael Lindner – Beate Lindner / Germany (5 points)


2nd place: Jouko Leppala – Hleja Leppala / Finland (11 points)


3rd place: Jari Redsven – Anne Redsven / Finland (15 points)


4th place: Stefano Proietti – Marina Ischitani / Italy (22 points / Rule 10)


5th place: Franco Baldi – Antonella Stocchi / Italy (22 points / Rule 10)


6th place: Renato Sibylle – Anna Martini / Italy (30 points)

See the videos of the opening ceremony and of the semi-final and final rounds …

Semi-Final rounds …

Final rounds …


See more photos at the gallery





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