19-09 WDSF World Championship Formation Standard I Moscow, RUS

Congratulations to all finalists …


1st place: Vera Tyumen Standard Team / Russian Federation

2nd place: Duet Perm Standard Team / Russian Federation

3rd place: TSC Schwarz-Gold – ASC Göttingen 1846 / Germany

4th place: Braunschweiger TSC / Germany

5th place: Danza Brno / Czech Republic

6th place: DSV Sway Of Life / Netherlands

See the photos of the formation teams of the places 7 – 12

7th place: Egegiya – Zhlobin / Belarus

8th place: Master Dance / Mongolia

9th place: TSK Juventus Wien A-Team / Austria

10th place: TK TS Starlet Brno / Czech Republic

11th place: Khatantuul Mongolia / Mongolia

12th place: TSC Schwarz Gold A-Team Standard / Austria


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