12-10 DTV High-Performer 66
Final Ranking Competition
Delmenhorst / Germany

Perhaps it was Udo Jürgens with his song “With 66 Years of Age …”, who inspired German DanceSport Federation (DTV) some years ago to form a special age group in standard section for those active couples of 66 and more to continue in competitive dancing.

Last Saturday, TSZ Delmenhorst set the stage for the final ranking competition of “High-Performance 66” in 2012. 35 couples had been qualified for this final ranking competition by participating at five ranking competitions during the year. 28 couples had come from all over the country to Delmenhorst to find the top couples of High Performance 66 class in Germany.

Watching the ballroom dancing of these couples you have to admire the physical condition, the enthusiasm and of course the high performance of ballroom dancing of this age group. Some of them have been dancing for 50 years. Dancing has become their profession after retirement from active business.

Due to the excellent performance and the wonderful atmosphere during the competition, the final ranking competition of High Performance 66 would be worthy of some more interest of spectators.

At the end of all six ranking competitions of 2012 “High Performance 66” group, we have to congratulate all the couples who participated during the year for athleticism and excellence in ballroom dancing.



1st place:  Armin & Ute Walendzik / TSC Brühl (310 points)


2nd place: Karl-Heinz & Gabriele Haugut / TSC Rot-Gold Casino Nürnberg (307 points)


3rd place: Joachim & Gisela Götze / TSG Bremerhaven (294 points)


4th place: Alfred & Dagmar Schulz / TanzCentrum Ludwigshafen (288 points)



5th place: Hans-Georg & Barbara Strunk / VTG Grün-Gold Recklinghausen (283 points)


6th place: Erich & Beate Fenster / TSC 71 Bad Wörishofer (278 points)


7th place: Helmut Lembke / Eleonore Roland / Tanzklub Blau-Weiß Celle (263 points)


8th place: Günter & Helma Grelck / TSA im VFL Pinneberg (256 points)


9th place: Horst & Gisela Dallmann / Tanzsportzentrum Delmenhorst 1911 (256 points)


10th place: Klaus & Hanne Werner / TC Wiese d. TV Sottrum (253 points)


See the video from the semi-final rounds of the final ranking competition last Saturday in Delmenhorst …

See the video of the final rounds … 


See more photos from the event at the gallery …











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