14-04 WDSF World Championship Senior IV Standard – Calvia / Spain

At least 104 couples from 14 nations from Europe, Asia and America started on April 25th to find the first WDSF World Open Championship Senior IV. A group of 47 (!) dancers had come from Germany to join the Mallorca DanceSport Challenge. 13 couples of this group achieved round 3 and were placed among the top 50 senior IV couples of the world.

Second largest group with 22 (!) couples had come from Italy. And the result? 19 out of these 22 couples were placed among the top 50 couples. In the final the Italian couples were represented by 4 couples. So we have to ask, what is the reason for this violent appearance. What is the secret of such a huge success?

Asia was represented by 8 couples from Japan. 6 of them were set on the top 50 couples of the world. Also a very good performance.

North America was represented by 2 couples from USA and 2 couples from Canada. Both couples from Canada and one couple from USA achieved a place among the top 50.

The organizer was glad to salute 23 couples from other European countries (Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Hungary, Netherlands, Portugal, Switzerland and Spain). 9 couples of these countries attained round 3 (top 50).

Congratulations to all couples for really good performance.

What about the results of the final?


1st place: Luca D’Andrea – Regina Scerrato / Italy (6 points)



2nd place: Angelo Brusca – Enrica Alde’ / Italy (14 points)



3rd place: Nobuo Hayashi – Tamiko Hayashi / Japan (15 points)



4th place: Bram Stelling – Ans Stelling / Netherlands (17 points)



5th place: Alessandro Barbone – Patrizia Flamini / Italy (26 points)



6th place: Sandro Vegni – Loretta Lulli / Italy (27 points)




See the videos of the opening ceremony, the semi-final and the final rounds …




See more pictures at the gallery





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