19-11 DTV PD German Championships LAT and Show Dance LAT I Dresden, Germany

Congratulations to all finalists …

1st place: Lars Erik Pastor – Natalia Szypulska / Grün-Gold-Club Bremen

2nd place: Eugen Plotnikov – Sophie Schuetz / TSC Saltatio Neustadt

3rd place: Andrzej Cibis – Victoria Kleinfelder / TTC München

4th place: Vadim Lehmann – Diana Maidanic / Boston Club Düsseldorf

5th place: Marius Eckert – Zsofia Garbe / Schwarz-Weiß Club Pforzheim

6th place: Igor Pokasanew – Sandra Caspers / TTC Rot Gold Köln

See the videos of the final rounds … 

See more photos at the gallery


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