12-02 DTV Leistungsstarke 66
Saxonian Dance Classics 2012

Saxonian Dance Classics set the stage for this years start of DTV Leistungsstarke 66. The 1st qualification took place on 26th February 2012 in Coswig near Dresden. Armin & Ute Walendzik from TSC Brühl in BTV 1879 achieved 1st place ahead of Hans-Georg & Barbara Strunk from VTG Grün-Gold Recklinghausen, who attained 2nd place, followed by Joachim and Gisela Götze from TSG Bremerhaven (3rd place) and Helmut Lembke / Eleonore Roland (4th place) from Tanzklub Blau-WEiß Celle. The final round was completed by Klaus & Werner Hanne from TC Wieste TV Sottrum (5th place) and Andreas & Susanne Nolopp from STK Impuls Leipzig (6th place).

Helmut Lembke / Eleonore Roland – TK Weiß-Blau Celle


21 couples had come to Coswig to join the 1st qualification of Leistungsstarke 66. Compliments to the organizer, Tanzsportzentrum Dresdenand LTV Sachsen, for the excellent terms for all couples at 4th Saxonian Dance Classics 2012. More than 400 couples had made their way to join the 8 competitions, which were held on this weekend in Coswig-Dresden.



See the video of the final …

Line up LS 66


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