12-03 DTV German Latin Championship
Böblingen / Germany

On February 21st the German Latin Championship took place at the congress hall of Böblingen, which was well organized by “tsc rot-weiß Böblingen”. 65 couples had come to find the latin champions of 2012. Congress hall was completely filled with an enthusiastic audience during the evening section, when the best 24 couples started the quarter finals.

Marius A. Balan / Nina Bezzubova Win The Title

Marius Andrei Balan / Nina Bezzubova from Schwarz-Weiß-Club Pforzheim convinced the nine adjudicators with excellent latin dancing. They achieved 1st places in all five dances in the final rounds and won the championship ahead of Sergey and Viktoria Tatarenko, German Latin Champions of 2011 from Ahorn Club TSA in PSV Berlin, who achieved 2nd place in all dances this year.








Third place was won by Pavel Pasechnik / Marta Arndt from TSC Astoria Stuttgart.


Results of the Final

1. Marius Andrei Balan / Nina Bezzubova  (Schwarz-Weiß-Club Pforrzheim) 5 Points          

2. Sergey Tatarenko / Viktoria Tatarenko  (Ahorn Club TSA im PSV Berlin) 10 points          

3. Pavel Pasechnik / Arta Arndt  (Schwarz-Weiß-Club Pforrzheim) 15 Points                      

4. Pavel Zvychaynyy / Marina Sergeeva  (Schwarz-Weiß-Club Pforrzheim) 20 Points          

5. Anton Skuratov / Alena Uehlin (TTC München) 25 points

6. Nikita Bazev / Zia Birgit Hasse James (TSC Astoria Stuttgart) 30 points


See the video from the final rounds …

                   Finalists GCH Latin, Böblingen







See more photos of the competition …


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