12-02 WDSF World Championship Senior I STD – 12th Antwerp Stars Cup / Belgium

12 th Antwerp Stars Cup from 3rd – 5th February 2012 set the stage for the WDSF World Championship Senior I Standard on 5th February. Organizer and master of ceremony Hubert de Maesschalck from Stars DanceSportClub was happy to salute couples, adjudicators and guests with finest weather and degrees around -20 ° C (- 4°  F) and a wonderful white layer of snow. Certainly, there were some problems to get to the Sporthal Extra Time in time on Friday evening, because there was nearly no more traffic running at the airports, train stations and on the streets.

       Tassilo / Sabine

Two days later, when the world championship senior I standard was started the couples found excellent conditions to slug out the competition. 46 couples from 28 countries had come to find the world champion standard in senior I section this year.

Tassilo Lax / Sabine Lax from Germany had come to win the championship a second time. Stefano Bernardini / Stefania Martellini from Italy, last year on 2nd place, this year wanted to present themselves as number one couple in the senior I world. And the result was as curt as possible. Tassilo and Sabine won the waltz, viennese waltz and the slow. Stefano and Stefania won the tango and the quick. At the end Tassilo and Sabine made it with 7 points ahead of Stefano and Stefania with 8 points. Third place was given to Marcello Daga / Marina Pau from Italy (18 points). Same procedure as last year at the top three places.

Results of the final …

1. Tassilo Lax / Sabine Lax, Germany (7 points)                                                              

2. Stefano Bernardini / Stefania Martellini, Italy (8 points)
3. Marcello Doga / Marina Pau, Italy (18 points)
4. Aleksander Vanchugin / Oksana Skrypnik, Russia (20 points)
5. Petr Palat / Hana Palatova, Czech Republic (24 points)
6. Zdenek Pribyl / Lenka Pribylova, Czech Republic (28 points)

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    Joerg & Ute Hillenbrand, Germany



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